Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm not good with words

Yes, I'm not good with words

I don't do that often, but always at the split second, I will utter something real bad, harsh or even making me seem cocky. It's always the case and people are turning their backs towards me.

Not really everyone, but those who doesn't know me well enough.

Guess what? Those who knows me till that extent only are my team mates.

Yes, I'm the team leader. I'm close with my course mates doesn't mean that I don't care for the others. People may see that I'm cocky because I seldom mingle around.

Why I don't mingle around? My classes are packed. Sitting only with my course mates during lunch break is unavoidable.

What can I do more? I can't. I just simply can't.

From this moment, I'll try to listen and understand but not listen to reply.

This is the biggest mistake I've ever done.

My brain and heart, please let this feeling of guilt go away from me, as I promise not to upset you guys again. I promise.

I promise to keep everything personal and not telling everything to anyone, after listening and forgetting those that are not important, and last but not least, do not hurt others with words.

Please... I'm hurting